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Compact Travel pillow

Stock Code: 1495623638



Memory Foam 


Color:dark blue,wine,gray,light blue


Versatile Compact Travel Pillow  adjustable for 45°,90°,135°,180° Modes of Comfort.

Designed for the total environment that is economy class travel. It allows you to 

utilize the complete 180 degrees of space in and in front of your seat, to find 

you the optimum comfort position.

Allows your head to get to horizontal, closer replicating the feeling of being in 

bed. The hammock style support plus the "breath easy" position which replicates 

resting in a massage table takes comfort to a whole new level.

You can switch between positions a little like tossing around in your bed before 

you settle on your final sleeping position.

Enables the person in front, to put their seat all the way back without bothering you and because your seat is upright you don't bother the person behind you.

The quick adjust mechanism allows you to instantly pack it back to its default 

neck pillow position to allow those next to you to get out or for you to receive 

your meal/drink service.


Covers are machine washable


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