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10 X Led Motion Sensor Light

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Applications: door, attic, dark room, basement, garage, cellar, cave, wardrobes, cabinets, cupboards, bookcases, hotel wardrobe, safe, tent, car trunk, after the boot.


1. Product Features

1. The use of new high-efficiency white LED technology: high efficiency, energy saving, long life, no radiation, energy saving, environmental protection, explosion-proof, cold light, suitable for all kinds of places to use, is about to replace the traditional bulbs and a new energy-saving lamps light-emitting devices.
2. The use of advanced human thermal infrared detection sensor technology, unlike voice, touch, buttons and other traditional common technology, with high sensitivity, interference, silent, fast response, sensing distance characteristics. Meanwhile itself does not send any type of radiation, the device power consumption is very small, and the non-contact, to maximize the protection of people's health, far from accidental infection germs.
3. people to light, people take the lights off: after induction control design optimization, to achieve people to light, auto delay off, no need to go off switch, energy worries, no longer worry about whether or forget to turn off the lights, the liberation of their own .
4. Built-in light sensing devices, automatic identification of the state during the day and night, day and auto standby, night sensor light, energy saving and environmental protection.
5. humane design, elegant appearance, ultra-thin fashion, aluminum shell.
6. reasonable structure design, cleverly hidden fixed installation without screws.


II. Product Specifications

1. Sensing Method: uses the double window, large caliber known infrared sensors
2. Sensor Control: Built-in light sensor, built-in temperature compensation device
3. The sensor sensitivity distance:> 3 m
4. Induction sensitive angle: 120 degrees
5.LED The number of beads light: 10
6.LED life: more than 80,000 hours
7.LED Brightness: 1800-2000MCD / pcs, Viewing angle: 120 degrees
8.LED Light Color: White
9. Machine standby current: 39 microamps
10 . machine operating current: 70 mA
11. Power: The type 4 AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries (the 7th battery)
12. luminous delay extinguish time: 15 seconds
13 induction interval: None


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