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High Performance Cooler Fan

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1) Exclusive development of MCU chip, it can always monitor laptop temperature and automatically adjusts the signal source, is passed to the fan. The higher the temperature, the faster the fan speed, temperature decreases, the fan speed slows down. Similar automatic navigation technology to protect your laptop!
2) Flanking aluminum alloy elements, aluminum thermal conductivity is 500 times that of ordinary plastic, by optimizing the structure, stronger cooling.
3) Traditional radiator, fan speed is higher, the greater the noise. Through research and innovation, we are in a reasonable position, configured for the proportion of absorbent cotton, very good to reduce noise.
4) Innovative design, turbo fan and shell integration design, reducing size and height, so that the products smaller and thinner stronger.
5) Faint blue light, allowing you to better mood, whole-heartedly,
If tired, just press, half a second, the disappearance of the blue, the other functions work properly.
6) Multifunction display, independent display temperature and speed, any time to understand the operation of the notebook and the radiator.
The MODE key to switch the display, temperature / speed glance
7) Heritage of the game of ice magic 3 lineage, the design is more delicate, more intelligent performance. Cool appearance, performance excellence.
Key Functions:
A. Slow down button
Press once, the manual mode is activated,
Press again, the speed began to decrease.
B. Accelerate the button
Press once, the manual mode is activated,
Press again, the fan speed increases.
C. Manual/automatic
mode switch button
Press once, Manual / automatic mode switch
Press 2 seconds, switching speed / temperature display
D. Decorative Lights /
power switch button
Short press, decorative lamp on / off
Press 2 seconds, shut down or boot
Radiator intelligent power and memory function, can automatically identify reboot - on set once before shutdown.
1) Product Name: Suction radiator for laptops
2) Type: Ice Magic 5
3) Product Dimensions: 155x83x40mm
4) Product Weight: 155g
5) Color: Black / White
6) Fan speed: 2000-4500 + -10% RPM
7) The maximum amount of wind: 25.35CFM
8) Voltage: 5V

Package includes:
1 x USB Radiator for laptop
1 x USB power cable
4 x Ottomans
4 x Silicone interface


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