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Mosquito repellent

Stock Code: 1432297827


Specifications: Length 6.5 * width 4.2cm, weight 18 g

Small lights: 50ma

Cycle number: 8500-10000

 Battery: button batteries (with a battery)

Repellent effect of about 1-2 meters




 Ultrasonic mosquito repellent is an imitation of the frequency of male mosquito predators dragonflies or to achieve the expulsion of female mosquitoes bite effect of the product of a pass.

 It is safe, non-toxic, completely harmless to humans and animals, without any chemical no residue, is home travel, fishing, barbecue, camping, shade ideal companion.


 1. The use of ultrasound power, so that mosquitoes would not approach you.

2. equipped with small lights, make you more convenient and dark when you need light, press the switch, that can give you satisfaction and needs.

3. This product will not have any impact on humans and pets

 The ultrasonic time continuous use of sonic oscillation is about 400 hours, small lights can be used continuously for about 30 minutes.


 Effective range of about 6-8 feet.

 1. inflammation day in the summer, is the rampant mosquito season, which from time to time to accompany you around, fight and beat, catch and go away, and take the time you do not pay attention, "pro" you one, not only People itching harder and harder, and the spread of disease, really headache.

 2. The current widespread use of mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils liquid mosquito coils and other products, its principles are based on pyrethroids insecticides lipid drugs on the basis of these toxic though small, can not be completely non-toxic and can not be truly green.

3. This product is the use of acoustic resonance technology, specializing in the production of mosquito characteristics of low-frequency pulse sound waves, mosquitoes are particularly sensitive to the sound waves, allowing mosquitoes to feel extreme anxiety and irritability, it can not close to the body, so as to achieve the purpose of driving borers.

 4. This product is a sonic repellent, no radiation, acoustic decibels lower than normal body accepts 45 db or less, and has no effect on the human body, so this product is truly green products.


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