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USB Portable Mini Vacuum Cleaner

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Multi-functional mini vacuum USB cleaner clean hidden dirty of laptop, printer, camera equipment, audio-visual equipment, office & kitchen table, cabinet.

Portable handheld usb vacuum for cleaning the hairs and slits of your makeup bags, usually we advise to use the flat suction tube. Keep the bag tidy and antibacterial.

Elegant car and house vacuum cleaner for cleaning car vent, dashboard, cigar lighter, storage cabinet, cleaning cigarette ash, sand, dust, foods debris, paper scrap, particle and so on in your car.

Lightweight and portable, convenient for carrying to anywhere you want, simple and environmental. Noiseless and safe vacuum, save worry.

Normal maintenance: Open the dust pot and take the filter mesh out, then wash it with clean water, you can continue to use it after it is dry.


Warning and Cautions:


1.Please take off the power before install the filter mesh.

2.Clean the mesh filter at least one time per month, it must be cleaned immediately it there is too much dirty. 

3.Make sure the mesh is inside before you operate the vacuum. 

4.Should check whether the filter mesh was well installed or broken before you use again. 

5.Should avoid rain-wetting and nearby heating objects such as glass or fire. 

6.Avoid touching any kind of liquid. 

7.Don’t vacuum any sharp object or heating object such as glass and fire. 

8.Don’t open the inside to maintenance or fix the internal electric wiring.


Clearing of fault:


1.If suction is getting weak and comes with unusual sound, the motor may be over heating, please take off the power switch. 

2. If the suction is getting weak, please check whether the entry is block and the mesh filter is full of dirty. 

3. If the dust pot is full of dirty, please clean it immediately.

4. If the motor don’t work, please check whether the power switch is open or no power, please make sure there is power.





Input Voltage:USB 5V

Output Voltage: DC 5V

Noise:less than 75dB

Attachments: vacuum mouth, vacuum brush


SKU: FT16-G335 


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